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Foods and Sweets

Food and candy stickers and vinyls that feature cupcakes, gummy bears, cakes, wedding cakes, hamburger, ice cream cone, cotton candy, birthday cake, donuts, pink donuts, chocolate alphabet donuts, jelly beans, candy hearts, pizza, ice cream float, green jello cake, fancy cake, decorative cakes, champaign, lemonade, wine, smoore, macaroon, strawberry, avocado, tea, coffee, ice cream flavors, fancy foil cakes, fruits, pineapple, sushi, ramen, junk food, watermelon, parfait, popsicle and tropical drinks. Ideal for weekly paper planners, scrapbooking pages, meal planners, work out schedule, weight lose journal, reminder or lunchbox notes, laptop stickers, water bottle stickers, kids school party, treat bag decorating, birthday party, wedding or baby announcement envelopes, name tags or place setting cards.
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