Big Summer Grab Bag! 3 lbs of stickers! Estimated at 1000 sheets! Only 2 remaining!

Violette Stickers

Regular price $29.99

It's special grab bag time!  Over 3 lbs of stickers in each bag which is about 1000 sheets.  Only 2 left!   Assorted bulk pack of stickers means handfuls of stickers in 20-50 designs and multiple of each sticker sheet.  Ideal for teachers, craft projects, trading, sticker collages and sticker bombs since there are multiple of each sheet. Each grab bag is different.  No refunds or returns on this super low price deal.  When they are gone ...  they are gone!   We will pay the shipping cost ($8.00) and you get loads of stickers!  This deal is so good we had to do it by the pound.   

US orders only, due to heavy weight and low price.