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Nat. History Museum - Retail Pack - 252 pcs

Violette Stickers

Regular price $495.00

FOR RETAILERS: An assortment of 14 sticker and vinyl designs that include dinosaur, bugs, gemstones, monarch butterflies, owls and bats ideal for a museum gift shops. The starter pack includes a quality purple clear plastic spinner counter display FREE with first order.

This set includes 14 design, 18 of each design for a TOTAL of 252 sticker packs (plus there are 2 sheets in each package). 

Check out the reorder pack without the display unit for additional savings at over 55% off retail pricing. 

This wholesale bundles will turn a great profit if sold at $4.00 or $5.00 a package. Over 50% profit margin when sold at $5.00 a package.